14 Beverages That Were Unofficially Inspired By Iconic "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" Residents

    Honestly what *is* that drink Isabelle has every morning, anyway?

    It seems that the way many people have managed to cope with the stress of social distancing is by living vicariously through our Animal Crossing: New Horizons characters and probably partaking in copious amounts of spiked beverages. Whether you're time traveling to a new season, trying (and failing) to capture a tarantula, or mastering the art of catching every sea bass in the ocean, here is an unofficial list of the drinks that you could virtually enjoy with your favorite Animal Crossing residents.

    1. Isabelle: Barefoot Pink Moscato

    2. Harvey: ChaiBD

    3. The Able Sisters: Old Fashioned

    4. Ankha: Cru de Ptolmees

    5. Tom Nook: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

    6. Flick: Monte Alban Mezcal (yes, the kind with the worm!)

    7. Wilbur: Aviator Fuel

    8. C.J.: Coors Banquet Lager Beer

    9. Gulliver: Traditional Absinthe

    10. Blathers: Scotch Sour

    11. Sahara: Absolut Mystery Martini

    12. Daisy Mae: Salgum

    13. K. K. Slider: Bourbon Strawberry Ice Tea

    14. You: Sangria

    Remember, please drink responsibly, stay healthy, stay inside, and play on.