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    14 Beverages That Were Unofficially Inspired By Iconic "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" Residents

    Honestly what *is* that drink Isabelle has every morning, anyway?

    It seems that the way many people have managed to cope with the stress of social distancing is by living vicariously through our Animal Crossing: New Horizons characters and probably partaking in copious amounts of spiked beverages. Whether you're time traveling to a new season, trying (and failing) to capture a tarantula, or mastering the art of catching every sea bass in the ocean, here is an unofficial list of the drinks that you could virtually enjoy with your favorite Animal Crossing residents.

    1. Isabelle: Barefoot Pink Moscato

    Nintendo, Barefoot Wine / Via

    Most of the time she's pulling your heartstrings by singing you the island tune and updating you on island news. But during her off hours, Isabelle is pouring herself a glass of Barefoot Pink Moscato while she crushes over K.K. Slider or getting ready for her next Super Smash Bros. fight.

    2. Harvey: ChaiBD

    Nintendo, Wmaster890 / Getty Images

    As the resident hippie, Harvey speaks to our love of camping, photography, and taking time to listen to the yellow birds. You can bet that Harv is meditating over a vegan, organic, fair-trade, CBD-infused chai tea.

    3. The Able Sisters: Old Fashioned

    Nintendo, Fudio / Getty Images

    Unlike Ross or Kohl's, the Able Sisters shop is an essential retail business that stays open in order to bring fresh looks to the island. After store hours, Mabel, Sable, and Label can kick their paws up and brainstorm over a neat old fashioned.

    4. Ankha: Cru de Ptolmees

    Nintendo, Roxiller / Getty Images

    Like a true cat Egyptian queen, Ankha takes refuge in a chalice full of Cru des Ptolemees, a wine enjoyed by Cleopatra herself.

    5. Tom Nook: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

    Nintendo, Sierra Nevada / Via

    As the head of Nook Inc. and overseeing all tasks and renovations, Tom Nook is the quintessential "dad" of the island and likely has a mini fridge full of Sierra Nevada Pale Ales behind the Resident Services desk.

    6. Flick: Monte Alban Mezcal (yes, the kind with the worm!)

    Nintendo, Liquorama / Via

    This punk chameleon is the bug enthusiast that turns our creepy crawlers into artistic displays. On their creative breaks, Flick would happily throw back a shot of mezcal with the special worm at the bottom of the bottle.

    7. Wilbur: Aviator Fuel

    Nintendo, Bhofack2 / Getty Images

    It must be hard flying residents on island tours and then completely destroying them after leaving, but this Delta Oscar Delta Oscar eases the pain with a stiff glass of Aviator Fuel. What's in this drink? Made popular by Top Gun, it includes vodka, lemonade, and lemon-lime soda.

    8. C.J.: Coors Banquet Lager Beer

    Nintendo, Meijer / Via

    Everyone knows that fishing is just an excuse to drink, and C.J. is no exception. After catching the fifth oarfish and hanging up his golden trout in the Fishing Tourney, this beaver can rest easily with a cold Coors Banquet.

    9. Gulliver: Traditional Absinthe

    Nintendo, Moussa81 / Getty Images

    After the fifth time you find Gulliver dead asleep on the shore, you might ask yourself if it’s time to stage an intervention. Nevertheless, after fixing his busted communicator, you expect that some traditional absinthe is the reason they will be washed up on your beach again within the week.

    10. Blathers: Scotch Sour

    Nintendo, Maximfesenko / Getty Images

    Hoooo… WHO?! else misses museums? A true intellectual like Blathers will pontificate over a scotch sour and rave about his fossil collection.

    11. Sahara: Absolut Mystery Martini

    Nintendo, Absolut Drinks / Via

    While you might not always like the mystery rugs, flooring, or carpet Saharah may have in store for you, you will absolutely love an Absolut Mystery Martini.

    12. Daisy Mae: Salgum

    Nintendo, Public Domain

    After selling inevitably inflated prices for white turnips, doctors would recommend that Daisy Mae drink Salgum, an elixir made of red turnips that will heal even this boar's common cold.

    13. K. K. Slider: Bourbon Strawberry Ice Tea

    Nintendo, Wmaster890 / Getty Images

    You know the name. You’ve bought all the records. You’ve improved your island day and night to prepare for the concert of a lifetime, because, you know, festival season is cancelled. This smooth-talking guitarist/DJ would savor a bourbon strawberry ice tea on a hot summer day while lounging on your campsite porch.

    14. You: Sangria

    Nintendo / Via, Bhofack2 / Getty Images

    The final drink, and one that highlights the tireless work you do as a representative resident, is a festive, all-island fruit sangria consisting of apple, pear, cherry, orange, peach, and coconut. So, the next time you have a celebration for a new island development, cheer over this — you deserve it.

    Remember, please drink responsibly, stay healthy, stay inside, and play on.