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10 Signs You're Killing The Fashion Game

You aren't just playing the fashion game — you're running it. For fashion that's classic and timeless, visit Kay Jewelers.

1. You've got color-blocking down pat...

2. ...and you're absolutely nailing power-clashing.

3. But you know that all-black everything is also always a suitable option.

4. You're excited for rainy days because it means you get to wear your floppy hat.

5. You understand that pearl earrings class up any outfit...

6. ...and live by the rule that chambray goes with anything.

7. You're never scared to go retro.

8. You're fully aware that accessories make or break an outfit.

9. Which means you are definitely into stacking and layering...

10. ...and the right shade of lipstick can make any look sparkle.

Whether you're shopping for classic staples or gorgeous pieces that reflect the latest trends, head to Kay Jewelers for all your sparkly needs.