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Who Should You Pick For Shawnee Sponsor 2017?

A foolproof method to aide you in your upcoming difficult decision.

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  1. What traits are you looking for in a sponsor?

    driven to no end
  2. What specific skills should a sponsor possess?

    mature enough to hang with the teens but with the energy level of a s'midget!!!!!
    amazing lifeguarding capabilities
    the ability to discipline and deliver honesty, but in love!
    ability to talk with her mouth closed
    ability to function EXTREMELY well off of little to no sleep
  3. Should a sponsor be creative?

    (creative with ideas AND with crafty things)

    (creative with ideas AND with crafty things)

    That would be cool!
    They definitely have to be.
    Especially if they were scribe at one point... ya that would be really helpful.
  4. Should a Shawnee sponsor have experience on Shawnee war canoe?

    4 years on the team sounds about right-- in all sorts of positions, in and out of the boat.
  5. Is your ideal Shawnee sponsor good at speaking in front of others?

    Yes, of course!
    They must be extremely good at memorizing lots of tribe hill-worthy speeches.
    This would be preferred-- it would be cool if they were a Business major and had to make presentations all the time in college and #killed the game doing it
  6. Should a sponsor have been a camper?

    It 100% wouldn't hurt!
    What about for 10 years? That seems like a lot of experience, right?
    Knowing all the cheers and secrets and traditions can't be a bad thing
  7. How dedicated should a sponsor be to the Shawnee tribe?

    When the Shawnee tribe shaped you so much growing up, how could you NOT feel so so so passionate about it?
    How else will the sponsor get through all those late nights and draining days? (by loving the Shawnee tribe that's how)
  8. Should a Shawnee Sponsor bleed green?

    Why is this even a question? DUH.

Who Should You Pick For Shawnee Sponsor 2017?

You got: Katy "THE SHAWNEE TRIBE IS MY LIFE" Roberts

This is definitely the applicant you are looking for. She is joyful and driven and will undoubtedly serve and love each Shawnee girl so well. Her passion for the Shawnee tribe and its impact on her is completely unable to be ignored-- check out her website to maybe see a glimpse of it!

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