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which cutie KAT are you???

find out who your soul thister is #thinktheta

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  1. Who are you with when you're not with cutie KATs???

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    madeleine williams
    your big!!!!
    southside roomie girly fam
    your roomie
    your older sibling
    jackson greer and pearce brown
    your bed
    BCA/BYX boys
    frat boys
    clem squad
    the White House boys
    erin faulk
    your A+ tutor
    gilbert leadership conference peeps
  2. What's your catch phrase?

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    "SO, y'all trynna freestyle right now?"
    "aweeeee, sweet friends!"
    "oh I'm SO good"
    "that's AMAZING!"
    "it's okay guys, grace abounds"
    "hey love bug"
    "haha look at this meme"
    "finesse or be finessed"
    "I give up, I'm going to bed early"
    "my sister and I really aren't that similar"
    "my life is in shambles"
    "hey homies! turn up!"
    "anyone wanna come to *insert frat party here* with me tonight?"
    "I feel" or "savage!!!!"
  3. What is your favorite study spot?

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    quadbucks FOREVER
    hullabaloo CLC
    the tiny study rooms in Evans
    starbucks on northgate (when you're a gold member #refills #addict)
    the rec
    your dorm room
    second floor hullabaloo study room w/ your two best guy friends
    I don't really study...
    at my job
    the Brew
    west campus library
    6th floor of the annex (the part with the cool chairs!!!!)
    Calloway (we're serious, I promise)
    Sweet Eugene's
    anywhere and everywhere #4.0
  4. What's your most embarrassing moment?

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    I peed at my high school graduation and threw my underwear out the window on my way home
    I sang a revenge song in the middle school talent show to get back at my ex boyfriend #JarOfHearts
    I called my teacher "mom" (disclaimer: no, this was not in elementary school)
    I farted at my family reunion while we were trying to do the mannequin challenge
    I liked a boy in sixth grade and it was super obvious so my entire grade thought it would be funny to put on a wedding for us and I cried
    Last week a picture of me and 2 BCA boys got put as the BCA pledge class GroupMe pic and was titled "one theta, two guys, which will win her heart?" #rip #BCAngel
    In first grade a girl told me she didn't wanna sit by me so I started crying hysterically and couldn't stop and they had to send me home
    I smiled at a guy in the parking lot by sbisa and coffee came pouring out of my mouth because I forgot it was in there
    In 7th grade I peed my pants while running the mile
    I peed my pants in my dance team uniform during a football game
    I got mistaken for Katy's boyfriend once #whoops
    I was sliding down a hill and I fell into a frozen pond
    In 6th grade I made a video on my moms laptop of me singing about chocolate pie (feat my frizzy hair & braces)
  5. What is your go-to TV show?

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    how I met your mother
    greys anatomy
    parks and rec
    new girl
    jane the virgin
    gilmore girls
    the bachelor
    one tree hill
    the tonight show starring jimmy fallon
    fixer upper
    the office
    downton abbey
  6. What is your favorite color?

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    regular purple
    light pink!!!!!
    bright pink
    any kind of blue I am not picky
    regular green (think grass in the summertime)
    forest green #nature
    blush pink
    light blue
    sky blue
    light purple
    purple and green together because i am #cajun
    pink or Carolina blue i can't pick one
  7. When do you shower?

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    when I'm sweaty but like it depends
    the middle of the day
    whenever I start to smell bad
    in the morning- catch me running to class with wet hair
    right before bed bc I just have a lot of hair
    I like baths
    never. don't want to mess up the dreads
    whenever I don't have tests
    in the morning
    in the morning after I pray
    random times
    all the time like multiple times a day
    morning!!! but i sleep late so i guess technically noon
    at night after I get back from A+
    at night
    after I workout
    at night or else my hair won't dry ha ha ha ha I have a lot of it
  8. You are most likely to........

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    raise a red ass family #gigz
    become a model and a mom of 5
    memorize all of the words and lyrics to Hamilton and move to New York and perform it all at your breakout Broadway audition
    move to another country and adopt ton of kids
    ask you to repeat what you said about 12 times
    become a real life meredith grey
    become a disney princess
    overeat at a restaurant
    eat a salad for breakfast lunch and dinner every day of the week
    fall out of a tree while setting up hammock
    nap rather than work but still make a 4.0
    end world hunger and all war and probably like racism
    become an exec member of Kappa Alpha Theta
    make a joke at completely the wrong time
    not have kids and travel the world
    ask everyone to come to breakaway with you
    own a business, become an actor, and then president of the united states, all before you're 40
  9. What is something unexpected about you?

    Tap to play GIF Tap to play GIF
    I can't eat dairy, but its ok because Oreos are vegan!!!!!
    I love buffaloes
    I have a pistol (ruger sr9 #fightme)
    I am obsessed with castles. I can also talk w my mouth closed
    I was prom queen
    I can't point my toes like the doctor told me that whoops
    I can turn my thumb around backwards
    catch me on the dance floor and watch my earrings fall out every 2 seconds.
    I have memorized the entire script of Get Smart and Pink Panther 2
    I've walked a runway for Macy's
    I'm adopted
    I am changing my major #ha
    I was in my high school's show choir
    i don't like kids that much
    there's a 10 ft giraffe neck in my house
    there's an acting video of me online getting beat up by a 12 year old girl
    I played trombone in high school
  10. Got any interesting hobbies?

    Tap to play GIF Tap to play GIF
    I like to crochet, ride dirt bikes, and fly fish!!
    wedding planning on pinterest, singing karaoke versions of show tunes, holding babies
    I like sleeping in the bath tub
    watching old dance videos/ videos on teeth/videos on surgeries
    I can play the 3 instruments and I like #art and baking and summer camp
    i can cross stitch
    watching wedding videos and crying about it
    slacklining brahh
    all I do is study
    I like to cook does that count
    collect keychains from around the world
    I play soccer and I like to write people letters!!
    I make lists of restaurants to try lol
    I like to make jewelry
    analyzing the harmonies in Penny and Sparrow songs
    acting and rapping
  11. Go to dance move?????

    Tap to play GIF Tap to play GIF
    two stepping or anything country at all
    cha cha slide
    whip AND dab
    obviously the whip
    high kicks #drillteamneverdies
    I juju more than I should
    wall twerking or dropping it #low
    confidence is the best dance move
    something spazzy
    the chill sway
    the robot
    the drop
    the stand and nod
    the hotline bling dance
  12. It's monday night- what are you wearing to chapter?

    Tap to play GIF Tap to play GIF
    definitely bizcaj
    probably a BCA t shirt
    anything I can wear a sports bra and nike shorts under
    a braid and no makeup
    A cute dress and sandals!
    something funky that goes with my glasses
    dress & birks (don't tell standards)
    one time a week I express my love for clothes. but only once.
    a flannel over a dress i threw on 5 min before chapter starts
    any dress that I can wear a sports bra under
    sweater + dress. always a sweater.
    I stay fresh and hip but no makeup tho
    I'm pretty sure I've worn the same 3 dresses every week
    a t shirt dress but probably w a cool necklace and hoop earrings cuz effort
    oh, 100% cute clothes
    naked Mondays are tough
    probably wearing THE cutest outfit in the room, but it's all for nothing when you get to chapter 5 minutes late and get locked out
  13. Where are you at 2 AM?

    Tap to play GIF Tap to play GIF
    instagram stalking
    eating graham crackers and milk
    at gumby's
    uhhhh asleep
    tripping on memes while eating oreos
    discussing my feelings in lechner
    watching netflix
    anywhere that isn't my room
    working out and socializing and doing homework all at once
    at my 3rd date function of the week #popular
    maybe face timing my boyfriend but like probably asleep
    reading in my bed
    in bed watching youtube videos
    in bed watching netflix (^there's a difference)
    at WCL or passseddd ouuutttt in my bed
    with pearce brown and jackson greer

which cutie KAT are you???

You got: Grayson Sentell

Heads up- you're probably a model. You are also extremely kind and love to give people compliments, and you wholeheartedly mean them too! You have an amazing sense of style and are def the neat roommate. Your instagram for your dog is adorable and you are a go pro MASTER! You are an amazing listener and you prrrooobbbably like Sigma Chi.

Grayson Sentell
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You got: Natalie LeBlanc

AMAZINNNGGGG! You're hip and kind hearted and hilarious. You love musicals to no end and sometimes when you can't think of anything else to say, you quote Hamilton. You are an Oreo fanatic but if someone tries to put it on a fork and dip it in milk, you WILL scream. People often compliment you on your seemingly effortless hipster clothes, and your musical talent (girl, u can siiiiiiing!!!!!!!). You love your golden retriever, and want to be a delivery nurse when you grow up. You love holding babies. You're an extrovert!!!!!! You are great at meeting new friends, having deep convos, and making #MEMZ.

Natalie LeBlanc
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You got: Sarah Jane Landsaw

SQUIRREL! You are giggly and friendly and probably kinda tall. You hate Glee and your friends might say that you are notoriously bad at texting back. Spending time with family is super important to you (cough cough when nat leblanc is your cousin!!!!!) When you're not with cutie KATS you might be with FLiC.....but actually, you're probably with your #roomie Madeleine Williams!!! You can make anyone laugh and feel loved. To you, life is about serving others and having a grand ole time. And, of course, the MEMES!

Sarah Jane Landsaw
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You got: Katy Roberts

Wait, what did you say? Oh you. You're probably deaf in one ear, and a little bit introverted--sometimes. Most people who know you probably think you are a ray of sunshine and that your squinty eyed smile can light up any room. You are probably double majoring and doing all the hardest possible things one can do in college, but that's okay, cuz you are an #achiever #getit. You are a Diet Coke and coffee addict for sure. You can be kinda sassy and need popcorn and alone time with your flute to feel sane. Your favorite thing about yourself is your toe ring.

Katy Roberts
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You got: Sarah Swiney

Congrats: you are one of those people who can do it all! You work suuuuper hard at school and you have an obsession with teeth (# pre dental probz). You can DAAAANCE and were super popular in high school. You actually still are super popular. But you hate talking about it. You are just a person people want to know!!!! You were also probably senior prom queen, but don't tell anyone (HAHA). Your favorite methods of comforting others are hand squeezes and forehead touches, and you are a huge fan of loose dresses. You can often be spotted in joggers and neutral colors because that's all you own. You are also a dark & twisty sister! Jk. But you do watch a lot of greys anatomy.

Sarah Swiney
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You got: Annie Goetz

CHRISTMAS!!!!! This time of the year just SETS your soul on fire. You've been listening to your playlist since Halloween, and you and your roomie have 100% decorated your entire lives. You are the kindest person to ever walk the earth, and have the most welcoming heart. You probably have never even THOUGHT anything mean about anyone ever. You're a Diet Coke addict, and love to juju on that beat. You dated Joey for a month and smiling is your favorite.

Annie Goetz
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You got: Kathryn Faulk

Hey baby girl!!!!!!! You probably call people that way too much. You are super sarcastic and everyone's favorite artist. Your favorite thing about yourself is your bed, and you are an adamant believer in going to bed before 11. You are the resident jeep owner of the group and end up driving 9/10 times we go anywhere. You love chuy's tortilla soup and have a looooot of clothes. You are extremely fun to just do nothing with and everyone thinks you are the #chillest #ever

Kathryn Faulk
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You got: Lauren Hancock

oh, INCREDIBLE. From a distance you seem kind of intimidating, but honestly it is just because you're super cool (as shown by the photo). You probably live in dirty clem, and are a fan of wearing adidas superstars with dresses, sometimes with flannels. You bike everywhere and sometimes, you fall off. You like to stock up on 32939293 apples and bananas from sbisa because #health. You're hilariously witty and love throwing up a solid deep gig. Sometimes you fall off the social media sphere for a month. But that's only ever because you are #intentional and # not your basic cripster. Eyebrow game? 10/10.

Lauren Hancock
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You got: Colette Harris

BRO! You are the definition of granola. You love chacos and wearing shorts when it's 50 degrees out. You are a #classic sky ranch girl and enoing is your favorite method of relaxation. You get super excited about philosophical conversations and you love to bond with people. You used to be a gymnast and therefore can scale any object humanly imaginable. Your curls are possibly turning into dreadlocks, and you spend every waking moment with Jackson Greer and Pearce Brown.

Colette Harris
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You got: Olivia Moss

You are the most dedicated and smart human ever. #yougogirl #4.0!!!!!! Also the most radiant human ever. You are a super Aggie and love to participate in FTA traditions!!!! You are very tall and GORGEOUS, and quite possibly the best at hugs. You will probably end up being a Theta clipboard girl, and as you read this you're probably not believing me. For now though, you'll just concentrate on studying and perfecting your finsta aesthetic with Mads.

Olivia Moss
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You got: Madison Helms

*snaps a picture* HEYYYY! You and Mads are both rad. You love BYX boys and laughing a lot and taking pictures. You are a silly spaz, and funnel cake is high on your list of favorites. You are very type A and like to plan everything, like, by the hour. You're an aspiring engineer and it kind of consumes your life, but not before you get to watch downton abbey and update your finsta with Olivia. After you two go to tutoring, of course.

Madison Helms
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You got: Caroline Kennemore

get LIIIIIIIT. You are just hyped to be alive, honestly. You have the worlds most gorgeous curly hair and you care about every person you meet so deeply. You will probably end world hunger and racism and everything wrong out there. Your professors are all obsessed with you because of this. You are a serious BOSS and people can't help but be a little amazed by you. You make a lot of Hamilton references, and would marry Jimmy Fallon if you could (it's possible, right?). Jesus Christ is your HOMIE.

Caroline Kennemore
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You got: Amanda Adkins

Sweet Mandy! You are super go with the flow, positive, and bubbly. You seem to have it all together (but like, deep down, you definitely don't....we think). You see the good in everyone and want everyone to feel included. Your love of scrunchies and face masks is almost more than your love for the Office (...almost. Don't let your dreams be dreams). People don't expect it, but you are super funny and love being sarcastic. You and your boyfriend have been dating forever and the rest of us are betting that you will be the first one to get engaged. #QB1TreyPotter You're from Odessa and you deep down you probably get annoyed when people don't know where that is, but on the surface, you smile through the pain.

Amanda Adkins
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You got: Mackenzie Cruse

So, you're kinda unstoppable. You are the most social human being on the planet and probably know people in every single organization on campus. You are probz friends with every cute boy ever. You are so hilarious and an actual genius!!!!! (Do you ever sleep? We'd like to know)

Mackenzie Cruse
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You got: Madeline Louise Heth

YOU are one sassy & funny girl. You love Theta and your big Jenna and Jesus and living in the Underhood!!!!! southside forever!!!!!!!! You like cuddling, and making nicknames for people, and making people feel loved and important. You rock the double french braids. You are also probably mad at Pearce Brown right now.

Madeline Louise Heth
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You got: Pearce Brown

It's official. You like Theta better than Chi O.

Pearce Brown
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You got: Grant Griffith

I made that kid FAMOUS! You were a child actor. You probably spit bars like no other. Your freestyle game is as hot as the 0-9 sirius (you also were astronomy this semester). You live in THE white house and you jump when you laugh. You are king of BizHon and you're really happy.

Grant Griffith
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