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I Tried Different Colored Hair For A Month..and This Is What Happened

I tried having "fun" colored hair for a month and here is how it went...

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Grey/Silver Blonde

Just a nice hint of silver right in the roots...just as intended.

Then for the base that lovely "Is she a blonde or brunette", the two make a great blend of sassy, but also she could be valedictorian?


Honestly I just looked so cool with the dipped blue hair...

I'm so happy that all of my hair is bright blue, I'm super fun and care-free, that is definitely what everyone is thinking about me in this Au Bon Pain.

I mean I don't LOVE the way that I can't really wear anything because it all clashes with my hair, but I love black clothes, so it's totally fine.

This is definitely a look that will stay around for a while

Red, Blue and Purple

People totally go to salons for this look right?

I bet it will be trending soon, 3D glasses hair, I can totally see it.

So it's awesome that it just happened to me by mistake, it's like it was meant for me.

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