Are You Katy’s Type?

for the inquiring minds

  1. Do you have a penis?
    1. nope no johnsons over here
    2. yeah but like I’m not showy about it
    3. yeah but like I’ll make sure a lady consents before she ever sees it
  2. How tall are you?
    1. below 5’9
    2. 5’9 to 5’11
    3. 6’ and beyond
  3. what's your style of humor?
    1. hyperbole/exaggeration of everything
    2. snarky sarcasm
    3. flirting
    4. I don’t make jokes I’m just boring
  4. How do you feel about Donald Trump?
    1. He’s okay I guess? how bad can he be???
    3. honestly he seems kind of incompetent and against a lot of people’s basic human rights??
  5. Facial hair - do you have it??
    1. I’m scruffy sometimes I have a solid but short beard
    2. beard longer than Duck Dynasty
    3. clean faced like a baby
  6. In comparison to her, how do you look?
    1. honestly we look like we could be cousins if not twins??? I know we arent but I’m just saying
    2. we look nothing alike other than both being tall-ish maybe but even then no

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