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    Here's A Recap Of What Happened In K-Pop In 2021 So Far

    So, here's a little bit, maybe 30% of what happened here.

    From bullying scandals to dating scandals and even CEO scandals oopsie, K-Pop has been through a lot in this year. Here's a list down about most things that happened:

    The month of bullying scandals.

    In which some of the cases doesn't even make sense..

    Like really stupid..

    To the really fatal one.

    There's a lot more that can't be mentioned, but all we know is it's crazy. HyunA, Apink Chorong, Seventeen Mingyu and a lot more, the amount is just unbearable.

    The amount is exploding. It's good because well, it shows that people are not afraid to speak up anymore, but it's also awful, because the situation is being misused to accuse the innocents just because of hate and now it's hard to differ the real bullies from the ones being fake accused. (Also this shows the true, how an agency manages their idol)

    The iconic Chanel couple dating news (that hasn't been confirmed yet).


    IZ*ONE's disbandment and IOI reunion.


    Brave Girls getting the recognition they deserve.

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    Of course, M-Net rigging Kingdom.

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    Baekhyun, Taemin and Chanyeol enlisting.


    The Xinjiang Laborers situation.

    And the list goes on...

    From Rapper Tank threatening Oh My Girl Seunghee to Youtuber Keemstar and Void dissing Shinee Jonghyun, there's literally so much more happening in the whole K-Pop thing.

    What do you think about it? Add more down in the comments!