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5 Things You Didn't Know About The Varsity

What's all the fuss behind Atlanta's favorite chili dogs?

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1. After its grand opening, The Varsity remained open for 20,000 consecutive days.

Jun Ha

The Varsity did not close its doors until the day its founder, Frank Gordy, was buried. That was the first time the restaurant closed in almost 55 years!

2. The Varsity is the largest drive-in in the world.

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This restaurant style was more popular in the 20th century, but The Varsity remains a strong and successful drive-in today.

3. 2 miles of chili dogs are made every day!

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That's enough chili dogs to cover the distance from Atlanta to Toronto in one year!

4. The Atlanta location of The Varsity sells more Coca-Cola than any other restaurant in the world!

Jun Ha, Katrina Peed / Via

They sell about 2 MILLION cups of Coke each year!

5. Once, Atlanta Magazine named The Varsity Onion Slicer as one of the Top Ten Hardest Jobs in the city of Atlanta.

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It's estimated they chop 2 tons of onions each day!

See why locals love this cultural and culinary staple!

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