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    10 Mitski Songs That Will Leave You Feeling Something, Ranked From Least To Most Emotional

    There are always those moments where we just want our music to relate to how we're feeling.

    10. "Townie"

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    This song is a wonderful song if you want to feel some level of empowerment in both body and mind, despite what others may want for you. We have all felt as though people have wanted some control over our lives but this song rebels against that. This song is very upbeat in an alternative manner. This song tells a story with its use of imagery and descriptions of wild youthful scenery. This song is fierce, freedom-evoking, empowering, and rebels against many social norms targeted towards women.

    Listen to this song: During a late-night drive.

    9. "Brand New City"

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    This song is one of Mitski's older songs, released in 2012, but is by far one of her most empowering songs. This song is very upbeat and hard-hitting. The lyrics make a lovely contrast with the fastness of the song. This song in some ways finds empowerment in fate, despite if the fate is unfortunate or not. The fast repetition of words is effective in creating a sense of urgency in describing wanting some sort of answer in life.

    Listen to this song: If life feels as though it is against you. Might as well find empowerment in life's lows right?

    8. "Francis Forever"

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    This song starts off with a pretty fast beat that drops every now and then. There is a level of frustration that is evoked through this song. The fast and uppity beat of this song contributes to said frustration. Not only that, but the lyrics are rather blunt when she says, "I don't think I can stand to be where you can't see me." This song talks about the struggles of both being and not being heard or seen. This can be interpreted in any way or situation.

    Listen to this song: When you feel as though you are not being heard.

    7. "Come Into The Water"

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    "Come Into The Water" is a very short song that only lasts 1 minute and 32 seconds, but nevertheless it is very moving and impactful. It gives off the sense of feeling stuck in our own boundaries with others. Despite what we may want it is all the choice of another. In many other ways, there is a sort of frustration that comes with listening to this song, simply just due to its relatability of feeling trapped. This song can be interpreted in so many ways, and it's a great slow song.

    Listen to this song: When you are feeling stuck in life.

    6. "First Love/ Late Spring"

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    This song is particularly wonderful for so many reasons. Not only are the acoustics amazing and assist the emotions that are being provoked throughout, but she sings in Japanese at some parts of the song. She says "胸がはち切れそうで" (Mune ga hachikire-sōde) which translates into "My chest (or heart) is about to burst." The slow beat of the song pairs wonderfully well with her elongated words. Not just that, but as the lyrics pick up so does the beat of the song. There is a moment where we get a beautifully played bass solo that matches well with the whole energy of the song. This is by far one of the best Mitski songs that will go down in the history of her career.

    Listen to this song: When you want to feel empowered in your complex romantic or personal emotions.

    5. "Pink in The Night"

    album cover for "be the cowboy" by mitski, which is a woman wearing lipstick and eyeliner, looking over her shoulder at the camera
    Dead Oceans

    There is an instant feeling of loneliness when listening to this song. It starts off slow but then intensifies as the song progresses, parallel to the emotions you may feel while playing it. This song is beautiful in many ways, specifically through its use of repetition. Throughout the song she says, "I love you," "I can stare at your back all day," and "Can I try again?" multiple times. This is effective in proving how much she loves whoever she is talking about. In many other ways, it is relatable to her audience.

    Listen to this song: When you want to just sit and chill while you are feeling lonely.

    4. "I Bet on Losing Dogs"

    a woman stands in a field, looking over her shoulder
    Dead Oceans

    This song starts off with an upbeat drum rhythm but is then flattened out with the slowness of her voice. The high-pitched Ooo's in the background further the gloominess. There is a sense of yearning and longing through the song that is rather intense and constant. The acoustics of this song do an amazing job perpetuating the high-strung emotions that anyone would feel listening to it.

    Listen to this song: When you're feeling super emotional.

    3. "Last Words of a Shooting Star"

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    Everything about this song is very tense and still. This is because of both the story that is being told and the slight static noise that is constant throughout the whole song. The guitar in this song plays the same melody over and over until it is acoustically interrupted as she says, "I have always wanted to die clean and pretty." This is then followed by the same guitar melody until all we hear is static, and then the song ends. As disturbing as this song may seem it almost sounds like a lullaby.

    Listen to this song: When you're wanting to listen to something haunting and eerie, yet comforting.

    2. "Carry Me Out"

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    Right off the bat, this song starts off slow, setting the mood for the story we are about to hear. This song holds a lot of imagery and descriptions about where she is and what she is doing. This only furthers the intense emotions we are supposed to be feeling. The beat of "Carry Me Out" picks up a little less than halfway through the song to create a raise in emotion. All and all, this song holds an extreme amount of passion from start to end.

    Listen to this song: When you're feeling intense.

    1. "I Will"

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    This song will leave you feeling comforted that you'll be loved despite any insecurities — but in a very melancholic way. The words and sentences that we hear in the song are all things we as people want to hear from the person we love. She says, "I will see your body bear and still I will live here," therefore showing a level of body acceptance and love for another. And if that was not enough, there is a repetition of "I will"s throughout the song to get her point across.

    Listen to this song: When you want to be comforted.