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    10 Mitski Songs That Will Leave You Feeling Something, Ranked From Least To Most Emotional

    There are always those moments where we just want our music to relate to how we're feeling.

    10. "Townie"

    an animated woman wearing a jacket and button down shirt, looking relaxed

    9. "Brand New City"

    a woman wearing a t-shirt stands above a keyboard with her hands in the air, fingers spread. she is singing into a microphone

    8. "Francis Forever"

    a woman holding a guitar sings into a microphone

    7. "Come Into The Water"

    a woman plays a guitar on a large stage

    6. "First Love/ Late Spring"

    a woman wearing a dress stands against a metal fence

    5. "Pink in The Night"

    album cover for "be the cowboy" by mitski, which is a woman wearing lipstick and eyeliner, looking over her shoulder at the camera

    4. "I Bet on Losing Dogs"

    a woman stands in a field, looking over her shoulder

    3. "Last Words of a Shooting Star"

    a woman wearing a button down shirt sings into a microphone

    2. "Carry Me Out"

    a woman outstretches her arms while singing into a microphone

    1. "I Will"

    a woman wearing a long skirt and button down shirt stands behind a microphone and her arms are swaying about