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7 Odd Things Type 1 Diabetics Deal With During Spring Break

Other people don't even have to consider these things.

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During the sacred week known as Spring Break, most people are worrying about catching up on homework, figuring out where the next party's at, or seeing how many shows they can finish on Netflix. Diabetics are always concerned about more than most (counting carbs is a pain) but here's a list of things we have to consider specifically during our break.

3. Wondering if your set will stay put should you decide to go swimming / Via

Sometimes these things will stay attached longer than a clingy ex, but sometimes they give up quicker than a one night stand. Will it stay on if you go for a dip in the water?

5. The struggle of cute outfits with no where to hide your pump / Via

C'mon, even our phones hardly (if at all) fit in the pockets they give us girls. And clipping the device to your belt sometimes ruins the look. It's a struggle.

Even though many of us have to deal with these minor annoyances, don't let it ruin your precious break! Diabetics deserve a relaxed week once in a while too.

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