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5 Reasons To Be A Tar Heel

As the nation's first public university, we have a few things to brag about.

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5 Reasons to be a Tar Heel

The Campus and People

God's favorite color is Carolina Blue, and you get to see it in the sky every day. No matter if it's Spring or Winter or what the season is, once you take a look at the Old Well you'll be mesmerized. The people also make this community so wonderful. You're surrounded by some of the most intelligent individuals in the country who are there to help you succeed, and that is a great feeling.

The Town and Attractions

This smaller community is exactly where you want to be. It is large enough to never question a days activity, but it is small enough to become friends with a waiter after visiting the same restaurant 2-3 times a week. Chapel Hill is also close enough to Durham, Raleigh and Greensboro. The nightlife is just as exciting. With bars and restaurants and even a movie theatre, Franklin Street has it all.


After winning the 2017 NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship, need I say more? Just experience one sporting event.. Basketball, Football, Baseball, Lacrosse.. just one event is all I ask. Rush Franklin Street one time.. there is NOTHING in the world like it.


UNC Alumni love this school so much. When they come back and visit, they still feel like they are a student. Their college days will never die down. Sometimes they even out do the students!

Is there really any other place to be?

Waking up every day to Carolina Blue busses, street signs and apparel everywhere you turn, to Tar-Heel chants with professors in class.. The University of North Carolina is the most amazing place in the world.

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