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What Feature On Social Media Makes You Want To Throw Your Phone In Rage?

Tell us! We really want to know.

We're all in this world together; we're all doing the best we can. But there are a lot of really annoying little things about social media apps that try to steal our sunshine.

Now, I'm NOT talking about how spending endless hours examining other people's lives on social media makes us feel bad in general. That's a whole other conversation.

No. I'm talking about the tiny technical things sadistic app designers inflict on users that manage to transform them into a rage machine.

Like the endless flood of dumb, useless notifications, the button that you always tap by accident that sends you into a spiral of humiliation, or some other totally ill-designed element of what app designers call the "user interface."

Like how in Instagram DMs, it's so easy to accidentally send someone a heart, making you shriek, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!"

I was talking to my fave on Instagram and I accidentally sent him a heart when I opened it o h f u c k I'm such a MORON

Or, this infuriating Facebook notification we recently wrote about that lets you and your friend know, "You are now connected on Messenger!" Like, no shit!

The thing is, you're not alone in your madness — and the app makers know it! After everyone complained, Facebook actually announced it was going to cut back on that Messenger notification!

Clearly, We the People have the power to be problem-solvers of the whole internet. So, voice your gripes, comrades. What grinds your gears? TELL US! And please be very, very specific about the app and the particular feature haunting your dreams.

And PS, no need to mention the need for chronological feeds — we're totally on it already.

For instance, do you hate how you can't add paragraph breaks on Instagram captions? ARRRRGGGGHH!

I hate how Instagram doesn’t let you indent your sentences or create paragraphs. Seriously, how hard would it be to enable that for the app? #Instagram

Or how Snapchat's new "call" button is right next to the camera, causing you to accidentally call people LIKE A WEIRDO?

The way the Instagram uploader works with multiple photos? RAHHHH!

I hate how Instagram chooses which photo to show first whenever I upload a bunch at one time Like excuse me im trying to tell a fuckin story here

Personally, I hate when I'm looking at a Yelp listing on a web browser and when I click, instead of just loading the review page, it asks me to download the Yelp app – WHICH I ALREADY HAVE.

And it doesn't end there either: When it redirects to my app, it doesn't automatically land on the listing I was trying to look at! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

What if Twitter gave you, say, 30 seconds to edit the typos out of a tweet right after you sent it?

Maybe you hate the time minimum for Instagram videos? UUUGGGGHH!

i hate how on instagram if u wanna post a video it has to be longer than 3 seconds..

Is there nothing more useless to you than those Instagram Live notifications?

Or how @diaryofafitmommy has gamed the Instagram algorithm by always showing up in the comments of literally EVERY celeb?

everyone in my life is flaky but at least i can always rely on dairyofafitmommy and kalesalad to comment on every single instragram post of each celebrity i follow

TELL US! We want to know. We are listening!