The Prettiest Horse In The World

That mane! That tail! Why is this horse so pretty and shiny? Is it photoshopped? I dunno, it’s from some Russian horse site.

1. Behold, the most beautiful horsey to have ever clopped!

2. You luminous vision!

3. I don’t understand your body, but I like what I see

4. Your silvery coat dazzles!

5. Those baby blues!

6. You should be best in show, you sexy filly

7. What a classy strut!

8. Trot, trot, sweet pony

9. Your owner wears inexplicable angel wings, but YOU are the angel, horsey!

10. Frolic in the snow, beautiful mare!

11. Oh, you cheeky horsey hiding behind the tree, playing coy

12. An international beauty!

13. Work that camera, you supermodel horse

14. Gallop into my heart, you fanciful equine! / Via Facebook: AlmostHitABillion

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