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Do You Recognize Anyone From These Photos Of JFK? His Library Needs Your Help

Archivists are asking the public if they recognize a relative who visited or worked at the Kennedy White House.

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The John F. Kennedy Library in Boston has a problem. They have a huge collection of photographs from the Kennedy White House, but they can't I.D. the some of people in the images. Some are visitors, some are people who actually worked at the White House, some are reporters and other press in the background of photos who they can't identify.

"Our audiovisual metadata catalogers Lindsay Closterman and Nicola Mantzaris started doing very focused and thorough research with the resources we have, using JFK's schedule and paper records to be able to ID people," a rep for the Library tells BuzzFeed News. "Despite their research, including reaching out to people who worked in the White House or various government agencies, people still remain unidentified."

Now they're asking help from the public: do you know any of these people?

They've posted two collections of the photos they need help with to the U.S. Archives Flickr page – one for unknown visitors, one for unknown White House staff – and have put out a call through Twitter and Facebook for people to help out.

If you think there's a chance some one you know (or you!) visited or worked at the White House during the Kennedy administration, please take a look through these photos, and additional ones on Flickr.

If you recognize someone, leave a comment on the Flickr page or email them at: kennedy.library@nara.gov.

Update: a BuzzFeed reader identified this visitor as Rafael Caldera, the future president of Venezuela

Flickr: usnationalarchives

"President John F. Kennedy with Unidentified Visitor"

Update Sept 10, 2014: In the Facebook comments of this post, a reader said that he recognized Rafael Caldera in this image. The JFK Library's archivists examined it and verified that this IS indeed Caldera. He doesn't appear in JFK's appointment book, which is why archivists couldn't ID him at first. Caldera didn't become the president of Venezuela until 1969.

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