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    Proof That Jeff Mangum Is A Time Traveling Nazi Hunter

    4chan has developed a theory that the Neutral Milk Hotel singer traveled back in time to save Anne Frank, raised her as his little sister, then eventually married her. Before you say this is crazy, consider the facts.

    A new theory proposed by 4chan's music board /mu/ suggests that Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeff Mangum traveled back in time to save Anne Frank from the Nazis and brought her back to the Eighties where she posed as his sister, Coraline.

    TheIthacan points out that 4channers stumbled upon this theory upon finding photos from Mangum's high school year book and noticing that his sister bears a striking resemblance to Anne Frank. Frank's life story was, of course, the basis of Neutral Milk Hotel's beloved album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.

    Jeff's sister Coraline vs Anne Frank:

    A star just above Coraline's head in a group photo is further evidence of her true identity:

    But wait - it gets WEIRDER....

    Another 4chan user notice a similarity between Coraline and Jeff's current wife, Astra Taylor. Could it be.....?

    Jeff's wife, Jeff's sister, and Anne Frank:


    Hat tip to @movingsideways