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Kim Basinger's Awful 1989 Album

Apparently Kim Basinger recorded a terrible R&B album in the '80s that was shelved by the record company. What's extra weird is that it was *possibly* produced by Prince.

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Apparently, Kim Basinger dated Prince around 1989 (who knew?!) while he was doing the soundtrack for "Batman". They collaborated at least once when she did some vocals for a remix of one of the soundtrack songs. She recorded a full album of Prince-y sounding songs, but it was never released.

However, there appears to be a large controversy over whether or not Prince was actually involved in this abomination. Over on the fanforum, there's a raging debate about whether or not he actually produced this. Since the album was never officially released, there's no list of producer credits.

While we'll never know for sure what happened, we can always enjoy reading people argue on a messageboard in unironic "Princebonics" (using "U" instead of you, etc):

Now if you WANT 2 believe it so much that u think u know better than Per Nielsen or BorisFishPaw, we can't prevent you from believing what u want.

And we can enjoy these horrible, horrible, terrible songs:

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