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    H. Jon Benjamin Voices The Worst Animated Characters

    The voice actor from Bob's Burgers will do any terrible character ideas the hosts of Worst Gig Ever toss at him.

    For Worst Gig Ever, H. Jon Benjamin is asked to voice a series of imaginary characters. He does so, flawlessly.

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    Worst Gig Ever is a podcast hosted by Mike Pace and Geoff Garlock where guests are asked about their worst gig ever (duh). Now it's a new weekly video series. Watch it!

    Leonard DiGorgio (an Italian Jewish heir to a frozen pizza fortune who wears a satin '86 Mets jacket)

    Fartdog, M.D. (a dog with a flatulence problem who is also a medical doctor)

    Musky the Musk Ox (a magical pet who solves crimes and smells terrible)

    The Most Boring Man In The World

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