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Huge Dogs You Can't Fit In Your Apartment

Those pursedogs don't seem like such a bad idea now, do they? Here's why you might not want a big this big.

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This guy will eat every single one of your shoes - in one night.

This fella will dig a hole so deep under your fence that a bear can slip through.

You will deplete your 401k buying kibble for this pooch.

Don't let Fido accidentally sit on your grandkids - he'll smother them.

Think a DustBuster will be able to get the white hair off your couch? Try an industrial carpet cleaner.

One accident on your carpet and it's decimated.

Think this guy will fit in your Prius when it's time to take him to the vet?

This guy is cuddly, but God help you when he humps your leg.

Have fun picking up his football-sized poops.

Wonder why it seems like your mailman has been unreliable?

You'll throw your back out picking him off when he gets on the couch.


Maybe just stick with the horse. ( says this one is fake)

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