How To Celebrate An Orangutan’s 50th Birthday

No one likes turning 50, but cake usually helps.

Major, the oldest orangutan in captivity, celebrated his 50th birthday recently. His zookeeper, Sebastien Lauren, threw him a little party in the La Boissiere-du-Doree zoo in western France.

2. Feed him a little cake with a spoon

ALAIN JOCARD / Getty Images

3. Here comes the airplane!

ALAIN JOCARD / Getty Images

4. If that doesn’t work, let him lick just the frosting from your finger

ALAIN JOCARD / Getty Images

5. And if he still doesn’t want it, you can baby-bird it to him from your mouth

ALAIN JOCARD / Getty Images

6. Happy birthday! Nothing weird here at all!

ALAIN JOCARD / Getty Images


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