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Gavin Rossdale's Wide Range Of Emotions

Gavin Rossdale is an enigma. Thankfully, his Twitter is full of lots of self-pics so we can fully examine his range of emotions.

1. Fearless about swimming even 30 minutes after eating a burrito

2. Panicked; searching desperately for a Starbucks bathroom

3. Pained at the memory of peeing his pants in school in 3rd grade

4. Horny

5. Constipated

6. Just took an excellent shit

7. Unable to decide if he's actually hungry or maybe just thirsty

8. Definitely hungry, kind of craving Chipotle

9. Seething with certainty he wants Chipotle.

10. Exhilaration at learning the "Smoke on the Water" riff

11. Silently laughing to himself as he hotboxes the elevator with farts

12. Gophering a deuce

13. Squeezing out a silent but deadly fart

14. Worried about sharting

15. Sharting

16. "No I didn't shart."