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Exclusive! First Pictures Of Garfield, The 40-Pound Cat

Garfield showed up at a Long Island, NY shelter last week after his owner died. This big blob of fur weighs a whopping 40lbs and just needs some love.

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Currently holding the title of Fattest Cat in a U.S. Animal Shelter, Garfield's girth is greater than both SpongeBob (30lbs) and the famed Meow from Santa Fe (R.I.P.).

After his elder owner passed away, neighbors brought Garfield into the North Shore Animal League. The shelter is currently attempting to place Garfield with his owner's relatives before they open this pudgeball up to the public to adopt. They plan on feeding him a restricted diet of dry food to help him shed the pounds.

BuzzFeed went to go check out this flabby feline, and we can confirm he has a great personality.