Documentary About The Real Lisa Frank

Urban Outfitters’s blog has an interview and video with the reclusive Lisa Frank at her company headquarters. Best part: the tour inside the vault where a copy of every product ever made is kept. Extra bonus: video of a young Mila Kunis in a TV ad.

Video available at: .

2. Step inside the Lisa Frank headquarters!

3. Lisa wouldn’t allow her face to be show to protect her privacy

A reasonable request; I’m sure if I recognized her I’d go nuts and try to hug her.

4. But we know this is what she looks like

One of only 2 photos that seem to exist of the real Lisa.

5. Lisa’s giant Jeff Koons-ish animal sculptures

7. The “Library” is a fireproof vault that contains everything ever made

8. Folders from 1987-1995!

9. Backpacks!

10. There was a breakdancing bear

11. Bye for now!


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