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Connor Barwin Is The NFL's Biggest Hipster

The Instagram account of the Houston Texan linebacker reveals a very dirty secret. He goes to hip indie-rock concerts, has a progressive haircut, and wears deep V-necks.

Connor's brothers are hipsters:

He wears jorts:

He does whatever this is:

He rides a a tank top, no less (does not appear to be fixed gear, though):

He goes to see indie-rock band Jaill:

And hung out with Brooklyn band Tanlines:

And the guy from the Fleet Foxes:

He Instagrams dorky pics of himself as a kid for #throwbackthursday:

He went to see The Tontons:

He hangs out with Fred Armisen:

He's into taxidermy:

He Instagrams vintage record players:

He used to have a '70s porn star mustache:

He wears skinny colored jeans:

Whatever this is, I approve:

Um, inexplicable Mr. Belding photo: