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Mar 6, 2013

A GIF Tribute To The Late Paul Bearer

'90s wrestling icon Paul Bearer passed away Tuesday at age 58.

Paul Bearer hoisting his beloved urn:

The WWE announced on its site that William Moody, best known as "Paul Bearer", passed away Tuesday night. Paul Bearer was The Undertaker's manager, his gimmick being a play on Moody's actual experience as mortician. He first debuted with the WWE in 1990, and worked on and off for the WWE until just recently.

His over the top makeup and "ooooh yes" catchphrase made him a fan favorite, even as a heel. Unquestionably, Paul Bearer was the most popular manager in wrestling history. Details about the cause of death have not yet been released, though he suffered poor health for a number of years. He was 58.

Taking his urn to the ring:

Urn talk:

Seriously, don't mess with his urn:

Paul giving some sass:

Paul being real:

Paul was supposedly Kane's father:

It also sometimes got complicated with Taker:

The classic 1991 "Funeral Parlor" match where Undertaker stuffs The Ultimate Warrior in a coffin:

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BONUS: Paul Bearer partying with Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and The Undertaker:

DOUBLE BONUS: Inexplicable photo of Paul Bearer and Jonathan Taylor Thomas: