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32 Lessons From A Saudi Prince's Instagram

Prince Fahad al Saud, aka @Yolofahad, has a lot of wisdom to impart to us.

1. Round sunnies for men are definitely in:

2. Floral prints with round sunnies is even better:

3. Rose-tinted glasses can actually be flattering:

4. This is the face to make when you eat really spicy food:

5. Take selfies while on a boat:

6. Keep taking those boat selfies:

7. You can't have enough boat selfies, ever.

8. Never fear mixing print, including hats:

9. Tie-dye diaper pants can be casual:

10. Or for business:

11. "Yolo Aladdin" is a look:

12. Take selfies in empty parking garages:

13. Wear band muscle tees:

14. Take selfies in a suit in the back of a car:

15. Take selfies when you're shopping in the record store:

16. Flash some illuminati signs whenever you feel like it:

17. Always make new friends:

18. Zebra print jorts? YOLO.

19. Do you look like a celebrity? You might. Better selfie that.

20. Ghana has some pretty good fake "Cuggi" sandals.

21. This shea butter is the best solution to ashy feet:

22. This is how you deal with sore feet from too much dancing:

23. You can take a cameraphone pic with your mouth if needed:

24. This would make a good bag:

25. Kit-Kats are the best candy.

26. These shoes. These. Shoes. There's some lesson here.

27. Always keep your fade fresh:

Ah, much better. Look at those clean lines.

28. Angry Birds are cool (sorry, can't really get on board with this one):

29. Uh, something about loving mixed girls?

30. Guys can wear minx manicures:

31. Giant granny sweaters look best with a little neon green:

32. Yoga sucks.

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