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    23 Things Going On Inside The Mind Of A Birder

    Hmmmm... is that a cedar or bohemian waxwing?

    1. It's September, that means fall migration has started

    2. Your mouth is watering just thinking about the warblers you'll only see twice a year

    3. You can't wait to get out there and commune with some nature

    4. Sure, your friends think you're kind of nuts.

    5. When they excitedly tell you they saw a cardinal in their yard, you're have to be like

    6. Or when they try to describe a black bird they saw at the beach and that's clearly a cormorant

    7. They don't understand the feeling you get when you see a new bird for the first time

    8. Or when you read a rare bird alert

    9. And you drive 2 hours to go see some random bird that never comes through your area

    10. Then when you arrive, you just wait..... and wait.... and wait.....

    11. The heartbreak when you see a rustle in a bush and then it just a lame old robin.

    12. The pain you feel when you hear a bird and can't identify it and can't see it

    13. Admittedly, birders may not exactly be the coolest people out there.

    14. And it's not like you "love birds" in some creepy way

    15. You just appreciate majesty of the winged world.

    16. The small moments you can share with these creatures in nature.

    17. Birds make us reflect on ourselves. Like.... deep....

    18. It teaches us to pay close attention to the tiniest details, searching for each stripe and marking to identify a bird.

    19. Taking the time to watch their behavior, noticing new things about them every time.

    20. Just looking at all these birds is making you tingle with excitement.

    21. Admit it, you can't stop staring.

    22. You're freaking out just thinking about when the next time you can go out birding will be.

    23. Ah, yes. You are a birder.