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    19 Hamsters Doing People Things

    Because anthropomorphizing is next to godliness.

    1. Brushin' my teeth

    2. Tuckin' myself into bed

    3. Goin' on a sugar binge

    4. Snappin' photos

    5. Checkin' my ex's Facebook

    6. Chuggin' a Diet Coke

    7. Drivin' my sick Camarro

    8. Standin' my ground

    9. Bein' a baby

    10. Havin' a birthday

    11. Swingin' on my swing

    12. Checkin' the TV listings to see when "Scrubs" reruns are on

    13. Hollerin' out the window of my Jeep at some hotties

    14. Jammin' with the band

    15. Havin' a tea party

    16. Takin' some pics on my sweet SLR

    17. Droppin' a deuce

    18. Bye y'all! I'm headin' on vacation to a cool new plastic tube set!

    19. Playing out the final "Scarface" scene with my buddy

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