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15 Rules For How To Act In Public

I've been noticing some bad behavior, and I think a refresher course is in order, people.

1. Pants should cover the entirety of both cheeks:

2. We love dogs, but not poop:

3. Try dressing appropriately for the occassion:

4. And wear protective clothing when needed:

5. Consider other passengers when traveling in your underwear:

6. Please use a tissue:

7. Couples: quit it with the PDA

...If you do, you deserve to have your drink ninja'd.

8. No texting while walking. Here's why:

Wait, did you forget Rule #1 about pants covering your cheeks already?

Hey pal, what did I say?!

9. Here is an example of doing everything wrong:

10. Public transit is not your chillaxing zone:

This violates so many rules of society, it pains me to look at it:

11. I know it's tempting, but please do not hump the statues:

12. I appreciate you're keeping your child from annoying me, but maybe don't do this:

13. Please don't look at porn at the public library (even though it's technically allowed)

14. Don't pee your pants:

...or shart:

....But if you do, just own it.

15. Last of all, never, ever, EVER clip your nails in public: