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8 Fun Uses For Vecteezy

What is Vecteezy and how can it help you?

Posted on is a great alternative to Adobe Illustrator that can be used by anyone. Not only is it free, but it is easy to use to customize anything. Check out these fun uses for Vecteezy that can be used in everyday life.

1. Send graphics to your friends.


Want to send a “Happy New Year”, “Happy Birthday” or “I love you” message? Add some pizazz to your message with cool graphics. Even customize them to make it more personal.

2. Use for invitations.


Who needs the classic handwritten invitations? Make your own personalized graphic for your next birthday party, baby shower, or graduation and print them out from the kindness of your home. A lot cheaper alternative too!

3. Design your own logo.

Everybody loves to get fancy. Impress your next employer by having a custom logo on your resume.

4. Add to a presentation.


Images make presentations much more exciting. Sometimes a presenter can’t find just the write image for their topic. Customizing your own images to fit your needs will allow you to get your point across much clearer to your consumer.

5. Create your own merch.

Design a t-shirt, vinyl stickers or buttons for yourself, club, or business. Take your design to your local t-shirt design supplier to be printed or find one of the many shirt printer websites available on the internet such as Custom Ink and Uber Prints. Other websites such as Zazzle offer the ability to print images on phone cases, pillowcases and anything else you can think of.

7. Social media graphics.

Graphics grab attention of your audience rather than text. Post them on your next social media post to stand out

8. Create posters.

Create a lovely poster graphic for your room or business! Create the graphic and save to have printed out. It always helps to have more décor in the environment.

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