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Breaking Brexit

we all know it but do we really get what it is?

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In a few decades, Brexit has the potential to be one of those high school history topics that puts all the students to sleep… No drama, no shocking crimes, no plot twists or even mad villainous leaders. What is there to find fascinating about it?

This may seem like a harsh judgement of future events for an economical (and to some extent geographical) plan that has not yet been fully enforced. However, I am sure that as a country (and to the the rest of the observing nations) it was obvious from day one that Brexit was nothing short of a confusing and time- consuming topic that everyone would rather not talk about.

So what actually is Brexit? To cut a long story short, Brexit is the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union. As much as it may sound like it, this procedure was far from simple and will inevitably be tailed by years of issues and complications that Britain will be forced to struggle through. However, this fate could be avoided in the rare event of an emergency intervention made by the government of a neighbouring country (i.e France). They may decide to do this out of concern that the UK has lost control of the situation and execute a sanction to restrict the importation of UK goods in a bid to make them remain in the EU. However, it would still have no effect as nothing would be powerful enough to divert the angry tornado that is Brexit.

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