Juan Martín Del Potro Is Your Dreamy New Tennis Star Boyfriend

But you can call him Delpo. Or anything, really. Just call him.

1. This is Juan Martín del Potro, an Argentine pro tennis champion, ranked #5 in the world by the Association of Tennis Professionals.

And this is his right arm.

2. He’s also kind of a major babe.

REX USA/Juergen Hasenkopf / Rex


3. If you need more reasons as to why he should be your new Dream Man besides this one (*points down*), please keep reading.

Robert Prezioso/Stringer

4. He’s 6’6”.

What this means for YOU is that you can be carried, by him, over lots of thresholds. No problem.

5. He cleans up nice.

Chris Trotman / Getty Images


6. His color coordination game is ON POINT.

Elsa / Getty Images

7. See how pleasingly he melds into his surroundings, in calming and varying tones of blue.

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

8. He’s got a great, talented group of friends/coworkers.

Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters

9. When he wins he’s gracious and when he loses he is huggable.

Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

10. He knows you think he looked cute in that tank top from before, so he got it in another color.

Ryan Pierse / Getty Images

Clive Brunskill / Getty Images


11. You can be his date to all the Olympics parties.

Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

And you really want to get into the Olympic parties.

12. He needs a cuddly little spoon.

Flickr: 43555660@N00 / Creative Commons

13. He swore to you he’ll never do his hair like this again.

Clive Brunskill / Getty Images

14. He wants to take you for a spin in his new ride.

15. Sometimes when he’s hitting a devastating serve, this is what happens with his shirt.

Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

16. He wants to serve you dinner on this fancy plate he got once.

Aly Song / Reuters

17. Neon green looks great on him, somehow.

Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

18. So does all white, no matter the time of year.

Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

Hey girl, can you maybe wrap up my knee?

19. This trophy? He’s not going to make even one joke about it.

20. He needs you to help him warm up, shirtless.

Mark Dadswell / Getty Images

21. Imagine you leaning into him like this.

Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

22. He’s perfectly fine letting others take the spotlight while he smolders in the background.

Julian Finney / Getty Images

23. He’s single. (Imagine your face HERE.)

Yuya Shino / Reuters

Del Potro recently told the Telegraph that he doesn’t have a girlfriend — “I would love to but I am very focused on my work for this year,” he said. That’s what he says until he meets YOU.

24. Let us all raise a glass to Delpo, your new boyfriend.

MY new boyfriend, I mean.

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