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    23 Times Christine And The Queens Won Most Stylish 2016

    In praise of French singer Héloïse Letissier, style icon.

    1. The time she made yellow brocade sexy.

    2. The time she rocked one-shoulder pinstripes.

    3. The time she dressed like a hot historian.

    4. The time she graced the cover of NME in nautical style.

    5. The time she made a sky blue velour suit (!!) and beige turtleneck (!!!!) work together, somehow.

    6. The time she gave Harry Styles a run for his money.

    7. The time she looked like a Floridian crime lord.

    8. The time she made "shirts half-untucked" a thing.

    10. The time she wore this incredible gilded suit.

    11. And the time she wore this rich purple one.

    12. The times she cleaned up real nice.

    13. And the times she made a T-shirt and jeans look so damn cool.

    14. The time she, in fact, breathed new life into the plain white tee.

    15. The time she looked high femme in a soft pink oversized suit.

    16. And the time she did hard femme in a sportier plum suit look.

    17. The time she singlehandedly brought back color-blocking.

    18. The time she rocked a Canadian tuxedo in real style.

    19. The time she showed off her stripes AND her biceps.

    20. This amazing I'm-not-even-sure-what-you'd-call-this thing.

    21. This prepster on a yacht look.

    22. When she dressed down in a hoodie and shades.

    23. And when she dressed up in this glittering AMI suit.