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The O.C.'s Jimmy Cooper Was The World's Worst TV Dad

When you first watched The O.C., you probably felt bad for Jimmy Cooper and thought his wife Julie was the evil one. Don't feel bad for Jimmy Cooper! He was THE WORST.

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Then he stole a bunch of people's money to "provide for his family..."

...and kept acting like it wasn't a big deal, smugly telling Holly's dad the cotillion "wasn't the time" to talk about Jimmy stealing a quarter of a million dollars from him.

Then he whined and whined and whined about having to actually deal with the consequences of stealing millions of dollars.

... all the while neglecting to consider how his behavior is impacting his volatile family members!


From day one of the divorce Jimmy tried to turn Marissa against her mom, because all he cared about was the "kiddo" thinking he was cool.

And yes, Julie was conniving at times but, in retrospect, doesn't going away to in-patient therapy sound like a good idea for Marissa?



When Marissa found out her mom and dad are sleeping together, she visited him on his boat house and said, "You know, for once, I wish you would just grow up and be like a real dad." It was the smartest thing Marissa Cooper EVER SAID.

LITERALLY ONE SCENE LATER, Jimmy sat down with Sandy and Kirsten to tell them he was moving to Maui to charter yachts:

"I need to get away from here before I do any more damage to myself. my kids. Or Julie. I love Newport but it's ... it's no good for me right now. In the last year I've nearly been arrested and bankrupt for stealing from my clients, I got punched out at my daughter's Cotillion, I lost my house, my family, I tried to kiss you — which I, I, I still feel terrible about — I spent this summer drunk on a boat with your 25-year-old sister, and now I'm getting back together with the woman who started this in the first place."

- Jimmy Cooper, idiot and person who blames everyone but himself.

He LITERALLY said the following to Marissa:

"You're right. I need to learn how to be a real dad so I'm ... uh ... leaving."


Jimmy Cooper weaseled his way back once Caleb died, proposing to Julie in a transparent attempt to leech off her inheritance.

Because, SURPRISE SURPRISE, Jimmy started stealing money again, and he owed a guy. But once it's revealed that Caleb was broke, Jimmy left Julie at the altar (!!!) and bailed on his family.


And then what happened???

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(OK, so Marissa had lots of Issues. But Jimmy Cooper, dumbest dad ever, sure didn't help prevent this tragic end.)