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16 Things All Anxious People Understand About The Holidays

More like the most stressful time of the year.

1. There is perhaps no time of year more stressful for anxious people than Thanksgiving to New Year's Day.

When you ask me how I made it through Thanksgiving holiday

The "most wonderful time of the year," my ass.

2. You spent most of November dreading the 8+ hour preparation that goes into a meal you'll eat in 20 minutes.

Not to mention having to talk politics with your family between bites.

3. And then, as soon as it's over, you have to start worrying about Christmas. For FOUR WEEKS.

Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, chances are you'll have your fair share of holiday party invites, family dinners, and gift buying to worry about.

4. You swear you won't leave gift shopping until December 23 like last year, but have exactly zero ideas as to what to buy.

Fellas, if you have any question about what to get your girl for Christmas, look no further 👀😍

Maybe they'd want a candle??

5. You spend most of the month in a low-key panic that someone you barely know is going to buy you something and you'll have nothing to give back.

When u don't know what to get ur friend's sister for Christmas...

Here's a, um.... pen. This is for you.

6. And when you finally get all your gifts ordered, you live in fear of a holiday-induced UPS crisis where nothing shows up.

My nose pressed to the window waiting for the UPS guy like..

What if all my friends hate me because nothing I got them shows up and they don't believe me that it's the mail's fault???

7. And if you're still in school while all this is going on? Forget it.

Is winter break even worth such suffering??

8. Soon the party invitations start rolling in and you start worrying what you'll talk to everyone about.

9. And even when you want to get in the spirit, it's almost impossible to *actually* have fun at the holiday party.

When you have crippling social anxiety, but still in the Christmas spirit

Omg, I've run out of things to talk about and I've been here for 15 minutes.

10. When you go somewhere to be alone and hide from everyone, you know someone will find you within 10 minutes and drag you right back into the crowd.

11. And on December 26? I have news for you, friend: it's STILL NOT OVER.

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Seems like someone should have thought to spread these things out.

12. And while everyone and their mother is telling you to come up with your resolutions, you're busy going over everything you did wrong in 2016.

13. Oh, and worrying about your New Year's Eve plans.

OK, so I've gotta have the best night of my life, stay up past my bedtime, kiss someone cute, and become a better person by the next morning, too??

14. You have no greater enemy than whomever it was who decided we all had to kiss someone at midnight if we want our new year to be any good.

Me tryna find someone to kiss on NYE

That's just rude.

15. And this is you around 10:45 on New Year's Eve when everyone else is just getting started.

16. At least 2017 will be.... better?

OK maybe not, but at least you have ten full months before you have to do it all again.