Ranking The Hottest Guys On "Pretty Little Liars"

The fictional town of Rosewood, PA, has an ever-rotating cast of super hot guys, many of whom are probably evil. Here they are in order of babeliness.

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First, let's just acknowledge that there's a lot here to consider.

Pretty Little Liars! What a great show for pretty boys with sometimes-strange hair walking around a little town full of murderers.

18. Lucas Gottesman

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Lucas Gottesman is the poor man's Seth Cohen, with a bigger case of Nice Guy Syndrome, and considerably more ties to an anonymous small-town vindictive serial killer. He had a few moments early on that were objectively adorable, but that's all in the past.

16. Ian Thomas

ABC Family

Ian Thomas (RIP, kind of) was delightfully creepy and handsome in a Romney-ish kind of way. Remember when he somehow made drinking a glass of milk in the doorway terrifying? I miss that sinister weirdo.

13. Holden Strauss

ABC Family

Holden was the boy next door with a heart condition and a secret MMA career. He's cute enough, but he was really only there to distract Aria's parents.

12. Detective Wilden

ABC Family

Bad cop, good body. It's becoming more and more apparent that Wilden slept with nearly every woman in Rosewood, and honestly, more power to him. Minus the whole homicidal streak, of course.

11. Garrett Reynolds

ABC Family

It could be some time before we know whether Garrett was exclusively A-Team or whether he was really trying to help. Probably he was not trying to help. Regardless, the man looked good in a cop uniform.

10. Toby Cavanaugh

ABC Family

Toby is possibly evil, but he looks good in that black A hood. I think we can all agree the do rag was a mistake. And while he's gotten his hair cut since, let's not forget that young Toby here rocked some seriously strange hair for most of the show's series thus far. On the other hand, abs.

9. Lyndon James/Nate St. Germain

ABC Family

Lyndon (who pretended to be Maya's cousin "Nate," but was actually her stalker) was pretty and very, very evil. Good riddance, pretty face. You hurt Caleb, which is unforgivable.

8. Jake the Martial Arts Instructor

ABC Family

Sure, it was attractive when Jake "taught" Aria karate. Sure, we know from Step Up 4 that he's a hell of a dancer. But Jake got pretty pushy pretty quickly, and he is transparently bad news.

5. Noel Kahn

ABC Family

Noel was insanely, wildly, obviously evil, and it suited him. The people who play bad on PLL don't always come off as scary as they're meant to, but Noel gave us chills, in a hot way.

2. Wren Kingston

ABC Family

Sure, we're not totally clear on Wren's medical credentials. (He has a lot of responsibility for someone who's supposed to be, what, 28 years old?) But he's British, and beautiful, and smooth enough to get with TWO Hastings sisters. He is also, like everyone, possibly evil. Whatever.

1. Caleb Rivers

ABC Family

We're not having this fight! You wouldn't dream of it. Caleb is without a doubt the reigning Hot Young Man Of Rosewood. Those eyes/eyebrows! That kissing! That hair, somehow! He's sexily mysterious but also extremely reliable, and noble, with a good heart. See also:

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