17 People Who Are Determined To Be Even Gayer In 2017

    Happy new queer!!

    1. For those who want a reasonable New Year's resolution, look at what you accomplished last year, and do it even more.

    2. This person's got the idea.

    3. So does she.

    2017 is a confirmed lesbian and so am i.

    4. And this one has even made a daily schedule.

    5. Em is really going for the gold.

    In 2017 I plan to be not only kinder, but also much gayer

    6. So is this person.

    I honestly want to get gayer in the new year. stronger too and better in general but definitely gayer

    7. But perhaps nobody is more driven to be gayer than McKayla.

    new year's resolutions: - be gayer - act more gay - watch more gay - breathe more gay - sell my soul,,, to the gay

    8. This person wants to be more health-conscious AND more gay.

    9. This person knows there is no such thing as aiming too high.

    I'd like to think I couldn't be any gayer in 2017, but if life has taught me anything, it's that the hole of gayness is bottomless.

    10. And this person knows it's time to look forward, not back.

    11. This ambitious couple with the crafts to prove it.

    Merry Christmas from a couple of gay men who are gonna be gayer in 2017 if you can even imagine

    12. This person knows where to start.

    Me, to my hairdresser, "I just want my hair to be gayer."

    13. This person knows it's important to know thyself in 2017.

    14. This person is making their 2017 intentions VERY clear.

    15. And this person doesn't just want 2017 to be ANY kind of gay...

    16. This person knows what's really important.

    17. And this person has a tip if you want to make your next NYE EXTRA gay.