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    Definitive Proof That Cookie Salad Is The Only Salad

    As a Minnesotan I feel it's my duty to share something incredible from my state with the rest of you: a salad based not on lettuce, but on cookies.

    Have you ever thought to yourself, The main problem with salad is that there is so much lettuce and too many vegetables in it?

    Ew! Disgusting! Welcome to the club.

    Horrible! The only good thing about this is the cheese and there is barely any of it!

    What am I, Haha. Or whatever.

    LISTEN UP! Have I got a cookie-coated whipped cream confectionary dream of a salad for you!

    This is also going to be good information for you even if you DO somehow like normal salads.

    Introducing: The Cookie Salad.

    Legend (and Wikipedia) has it that the cookie salad was invented in Minnesota, and I don't know who could really deny that that is what makes sense. "It is popular with children and for potlucks," says Wikipedia, but it is perfectly fine if an adult wants to make it and eat it at home alone too. Wikipedia is not in charge. You are.

    What the cookie salad offers that the traditional salad cannot is that it is filled with cookies and whipped cream.

    And, TECHNICALLY, there is some fruit in there too: canned mandarin oranges.

    The main ingredients are: Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies, buttermilk, vanilla pudding, frozen whipped topping, and mandarin oranges.

    Recipes vary a little, but here's the recipe from a book called Minnesota Keeper Recipes, which sounds trustworthy. Confusingly, the paragraph below it says, "Kids love it, and you do not have to make a dessert. This is great for taking to a potluck and we also use it at the cabin since it also works as a dessert." !!! I love you, Minnesota.

    It is important to be wary of false cookie salads: Cookie salad IS NOT made of Oreo cookies.

    Though this also looks great.

    Real cookie salad is based in Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies, the kale of the packaged cookie world.

    I am not sure what that means but I know that it is true. (Plain enough to be accented by other flavors, but also elegant in their own right? Sure!)

    Serving size: one pile.

    DELICIOUS! WONDERFULLY LEAFLESS! Perfect as a salad "and as a dessert"!