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17 Reasons Australian Shepherds Are The World's Best Dogs

It's just true.

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2. They make the cutest, squishiest little pups.

Instagram: @aussiedoglovers

3. But they make beautiful adults, too.

Instagram: @aussiealaska

4. Aussies are super athletic and energetic.

Instagram: @mavtheaussie

6. Aussies love their humans SO much.

Instagram: @aussie

7. And they also really love each other.

Instagram: @aussieejack

8. Some Aussies have two different colored eyes, which is very cool.

Instagram: @aussieejack

9. They're adorable when they're little baby dorks...

Instagram: @aussiedoglovers

10. ... and even adorable-er when they're older and just moping around.

Instagram: @aussie

11. Aussies are very loyal, and look at their owners like they're the best person alive.

Instagram: @allie

12. Most Aussies don't love bath time...

Instagram: @a_patch_work_merle

13. ... but many of them love to get wet and swim (especially with a buddy).

Instagram: @cowboy_faith_aussies

14. Australian Shepherds are a VERY intelligent breed.

Instagram: @life

15. And they'll be patient through your silliest hijinks.

Instagram: @littlebennyinthebigcity

16. Australian Shepherds make the best nap-time partners.

Instagram: @australianshepherdworld

17. And if you love them, they'll be there for you until the end.

Instagram: @franjams

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