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26 Reasons K-Pop Is Better Than American Pop

South Korea's pop music scene has been out-popping ours for years. Time to get on board!

1. HI! This is G-Dragon and he is here to tell you that K-pop is the best.

2. You THINK American pop is catchy. But that's only because you haven't heard enough K-pop.

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Enjoy this in your head for the rest of your life!

3. And the VIDEOS! K-pop videos are high-drama, high-production level color explosions.

4. Some K-pop videos are the best movies you'll ever see.

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Seen here is Rain's dark and dramatic 2006 "I'm Coming," which you're going to watch 800 times.

5. K-pop's boy bands are often as ornately stylized (if not more so) than their girl group counterparts.

6. I mean, this is the craziest and best getup you have ever seen in your life.

7. That hair! That makeup! Those leather leggings!

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If you were dating a member of a K-pop boy band he would never get mad at you for taking a long time to get dressed.

8. K-pop stars frequently present themselves as androgynous/gender neutral, which is cool!

9. Girl group f(x)'s member Amber, the band's rapper, is a tomboy babe.

Watch her group in action (and her many excellent boyish outfits) here:

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10. They're all just SUPER SUPER DREAMY.

11. The music (and fashion) of K-pop combines elements of Eastern and Western influence.

12. American pop videos have never had enough Swag Owls, like this one seen in Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby."

13. K-pop's girl groups fill the hole in your heart left open by the decline of American girl groups since the late '90s/early aughts.

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Here 2NE1 proves that, yes, they are the best.

14. Troublemaking and badassery are huge themes in K-pop's girl group videos.

15. K-pop hair is what American pop hair aspires to be two years from now.

16. It's common for K-pop group standouts to branch out into solo careers without entirely abandoning their original groups.

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2NE1's CL (here in "The Baddest Female," because she is the baddest female) has a successful solo career, but remains active with the group and plans to tour with them this year. Big Bang's G-Dragon and T.O.P. have both had solo success but also remain with their band.

17. The groups are friends with one another!

18. And sometimes they even make (adorable) music videos together.

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19. Sometimes their members date each other, and it's too much K-pop power to handle.

20. K-pop has some really compelling dancers.

21. K-pop knows how to put together a SUPER group.

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Girls Generation was formed by S.M. Entertainment after the success of boy band super group Super Junior. In Korea the group is called "So Nyeo Shi Dae," or SNSD for short.

22. Girls Generation has, like, a thousand members.

23. And boy band Super Junior has like 1 MILLION members.

24. Super Junior has MANY excellent songs/videos to choose from, but "Bonamana" is notable for taking place in a low-ceilinged, dimly lit dance factory/prison.

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We'd give you a highlight, but we can't. The whole video is a highlight.

25. All the WINKING!!!!

26. In (winking) conclusion, K-pop is sweet, neon-bright, sugar-pop perfection.