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    23 Reasons Spencer Hastings Is Pretty Little Liars' Only Hope

    We adore Hanna, Emily's sweet, and Aria is okAy (get it?), but Spencer Hastings is the only Liar who can save them all.

    1. Spencer is always at least one step ahead of everyone else.

    There's a reason everyone reports their findings back to her: she's the Liars' unofficial theory-keeper. It's nearly impossible to keep the Rosewood Murderer Roster straight, but Spencer has it down.

    2. She's appropriately distrusting of EVERYONE.

    Any new character on Pretty Little Liars is A-team until proven innocent, and Spencer knows it. But also, nobody is innocent.

    3. She's keeping the closest eye on Aria.

    If you aren't at least a LITTLE wary of Aria, you're not taking this seriously enough. Her name literally starts with the letter A.

    4. She's looking out for her friends and their families first.

    5. She's the only one who seems to (occasionally) understand that the Liars can't afford to keep lying.

    6. Spencer knows that if you think things in Rosewood are getting better, you're wrong.

    7. Spencer has this Smokin' Noir Detective thing going on that just makes you want to believe in her.

    What's out there in the wind?? Spencer, help me. Help us.

    8. She's just sweet and goody two-shoes enough to get on the adults' side where it counts.

    9. But don't let the good grades and Oxford shirts fool you.

    Spencer is NOT afraid of authority.

    10. She's not afraid of confrontations.

    11. She seems to be the only Liar capable of threatening Mona.


    12. In fact, look how great she is at intimidating people next to lockers in general.


    14. Even the other Liars know she's the toughest one they've got.

    15. Every week it's an awesome new bitchface with this one.

    16. She admits her mistakes, which are usually exceptionally attractive ones.

    17. Like, really.


    18. She'll turn in people she loves when she knows it's the right thing to do.

    (She may later resume making out with them. But she has good intentions!!)

    19. We're just going to have to believe her that she knows what she's doing here.


    20. She's got (by far) the most practical crime-solving wardrobe.

    Hanna's outfits are too glitzy, and Aria's shredded sweaters are bound to get caught on any number of things. Emily might dress in athletic wear, but she's got no pockets to hide clues in.

    21. She has this way of looking up where you know she's just come to a very important A-related epiphany. EpiphAny.

    22. Seriously, watch this:

    You can tell she just had what we like to call a Hastings Hypothesis. What is it, Spencer???

    23. Just look at her. She's GOT this.

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