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Posted on Oct 12, 2015

17 Times The Internet Nailed What It's Like Being A Virgo

*bangs gavel* Order, order!

1. On your need to organize.

2. On your frugal nature.

3. On the way you receive constructive criticism.

4. On following the rules.

5. On this half-introvert, half-extrovert problem.

6. On your inherent leadership qualities.

7. On your actual job title.

8. On your worst nightmare.

9. On keeping your guard up.

You know it's true if your on the team #virgos #virgosbelike #septemberbabies

10. On your social awkwardness.

11. On your difficulty with sympathizing.

12. On your distaste for taking advice.

13. On your favorite thing to do: explaining.

14. On your need to be the center of focus.

15. On your difficulty expressing your feelings.

16. On your anxious tendencies.

17. On being picky AF.

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