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    15 Times Shane From "The L Word" Made You Question Your Sexuality

    Oh, that hair.

    1. When she gave the subtlest eyebrow raise in the history of eyebrow raises.

    2. When she made smoking cigarettes SO HOT (sorry!!!).

    3. When she made you want to be a set of headphones.

    4. When she even pulled off whatever this look is.

    5. And when she worked whatever this hat is.

    6. When she stopped being polite and started getting REAL.

    7. On the rare occasions she actually broke out in a full-on smile.

    8. When she was as sweet to Carmen as Carmen deserved.

    9. When she rocked the white muscle tank so much better than Ryan Atwood ever could.

    10. Whenever she supported her friends, which was pretty much all the time.

    11. When she looked someone up and down and you wished that it were you.

    12. Whenever she got rant-y about couples' bullshit.

    13. Whenever she gave advice in that husky, sultry voice of hers.

    14. Whenever she kissed anyone, but especially when she kissed Carmen.

    15. And when she scowled her way through the "Looking very Shane today" ad campaign.