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What Wild Betch Are You?

Find out what resident of 39 High you are!

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  1. What's your drink of choice?

    Rum & Coke
    Vodka Soda (Double, obvs)
    Kansas City Tap Water
    A skin aka Redskin
  2. What is your fraternity of choice?

    Alpha Sig
    Anything but TKE tbh
    Kappa Sig
    PIKE as of recent
  3. What's your drunk food of choice?

    Literally anything in sight
    You're trying to cut back on drunk eating (lame)
    Mac bites!!!!
  4. What's your signature phrase?

    "So I work at the rec..."
    *apologizes for what I did last night while blacked out*
    "my friend in Kappa Sig..."
  5. Of the following, what are you most likely to do?

    leave an ice from your birthday in the shower for 2+ months
    drink the ice that was left in the shower for 2+ months
    break the fridge handle and door handle
    lose your phone and purse at brick
  6. You're going out for the night. What are you wearing?

    something short & tight
    a printed romper, long sleeve of course
    anything that holds your boobs in
    black jeans & kt's top that you borrowed (probably without asking)
  7. What are you making for dinner?

    Whatever you and your bf decide to make that night
    a nice combo of everything you can find
    A quesadilla or pierogies
    some recipe you found on Pinterest or buffalo chicken dip
  8. What is your ideal Friday night?

    doing anything other than working at the rec
    a nice dinner in Cincinnati
    a long nap and then real food & good drinks
    you're still waiting for the day you can bring your dogs to the bars with you
  9. When you're lounging around the apartment, what are you likely to be wearing?

    a large t-shirt, no pants
    a sorority tee
    your sheep robe
    your work clothes because you're probably going to or just got off your shift.
  10. What TV show is your favorite?

    Grey's Anatomy
    The Real Housewives (you watch them all, but prefer OC because duh)
    Desperate Housewives
  11. What are you likely to be doing when you're out?

    taking a lap/being facey
    talking to ur srat sisters
    getting drunker at the bar
    finding a boy ;)

What Wild Betch Are You?

You got: ANNIE

Congrats, you're the sassy betch. You're rarely seen without food in hand, but if you are, you're definitely thinking about your next meal. People know to keep you fed because the hanger is as real as the hangover from one too many Kansas Citys. When you're not eating or thinking about food, you're probably talking shit or in the graphic denis studio (or both). You're known for being really good at rebounding and scoping out boys at the B&G (#rebrand) although sometimes your nights don't go as planned and you end up laying in the alleys of Oxford, vomiting in the church garden of Oxford the next morning, or FaceTiming your brother's roommate, who you named Hummus. Oh, and last but not least, you love dogs.

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You got: SHEILA

You're Sheila, the nice betch. You're the one everyone turns to when they're in trouble, which is surprising because you can barely keep your own life together. When you're not working at the rec, you're probably lounging in your robe eating pierogies and wishing you had more hours in the day. Erin's probably there too. You still know how to have a good time, as evidenced by your experiences at Bump It Thump It freshman year and basically any kegs and eggs you've ever been to. Saturdays are your prime, or your low point, depending on how you look at it. Keep doing you, but you may want to work on your resting bitch face.

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You got: KT

Congrats! We're surprised you woke from your slumber to take this quiz! You're KT, the champion sleeper who's always late. When you do take the time to get out of bed, you enjoy a good drink (or 5), talking shit, alcohol, and talking more shit. It's super easy to convince you to go out, or do anything really because you struggle with saying no. Cheers to Kyle for putting up with your drunk, stupid ass. Thank God you're 21.

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You got: MARIA

You're the most tame betch! Aside from the occasional ~accidental dab~ and night on the kappa sig bathroom floor, you tend to have your shit together (although you wouldn't guess it from the state of your room). Along with that responsibility comes great hangovers, though. Yours usually last a day, which you spend chugging sprite and watching grey's. You're often found with your boyfriend, Matt, and always have stories/suggestions for the best Cincinnati restaurants. You're a fan of country concerts, wine, and your cat, Daisy.

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