10 Times Moira Rose From "Schitt's Creek" Was A Total And Complete Mood

    "This wine is awful. Give me another glass."

    1. When the group decides to be "cute casual" but you have a breakdown mid closet search and decide to go in the direction of a "statement piece.”

    2. When you ask your gal pals if your new blowout looks okay when you surely know the stylist took "frame my face" to a new extreme.

    3. When you're not sure if you want to go out and socialize or hibernate the night away at home with a glass of wine.

    4. When you’re flying by the seat of your pants and things just happen to work out *nervous smile*

    5. When you’ve had a couple cocktails and find a mirror.

    6. When your friend is living their best life and you feel secondhand confidence because of it.

    7. When someone says you’re looking good after you went to the gym for the first time in two months.

    8. When a coworker asks a simple question you know you should know the answer to, but you divert to another person in the room.

    9. When you’re proud of the quality advice you’ve given your bestie, but they do the opposite.

    10. And when you run into someone from high school out in public after pretending you didn't see them for 20 minutes.