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This American Girl Doll Book Was The Ultimate Slumber Party Guide

You desperately needed this as a child.

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The American Girl Doll lords blessed us with the greatest book on the planet, Super Slumber Parties. This masterpiece was legitimately the most important guide any tween could own.

Throwing an epic slumber party was pretty much a rite of passage into adulthood. This book contained hosting secrets to turn any ordinary child into a legendary sleepover-host.


It taught you how to be an overnight sensation with attention-getting invitations. Look how goddamn peaceful Louise looks in this invite. You couldn't get this in the mail and NOT want to attend.

Tammy, Ethel and the girls demonstrated how to have a blast clowning around with your gal pals. You could play upside-down theatre and the game "HA", A LITERAL LOL EXPERIENCE.

LET'S TALK ABOUT THOSE THEMED PARTIES, THOUGH. You could shake your hula hips with Gloria and Eloise at the craziest Island Party EVER. Your guests would be in absolute ~paradise~.


Who doesn't love camping?! Your girls also showed you how to have a magical night rockin' a flannel, snackin' on some trail mix and camp indoors like a professional.

Madame Judy was your savior when it came to throwing a Mystery and Magic Night. Would your middle school crush ask you to prom one day?! IDK, but Madame J does.

AND FOR ALL THE DIVAS IN THE HOUSE, there was the Star-Studded Sleepover. Dominique showed you how to show of your stuff and look fab-u-lous. WERK IT, DOM, WERK IT.

As an extra bonus, because that’s how freakin' generous this book is, you got a GOOD NIGHT SLEEPOVER MEMORY BOOK. Like shit, what else could you possibly need?

Slumber Party Pamphlet, you the real MVP. Thanks for sharing your secrets and blessing our guests with your brilliance. LOVE YOU MORE THAN POPCORN AND PILLOW FIGHTS.


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