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Here's What Stanley From "That's So Raven" Looks Like Today

Raven never told us about this vision.

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I'd like to reintroduce you to Bobb'e J. Thompson, the actor who played Stanley as a kid.

Grown-up Stanley looks a little different than he did in Raven's kitchen.

Here you see him modeling his muscles in a garden. "PICK ME, BOBB'E," the flowers are crying.

Here we see him relaxed AF, rockin' a nice pair of glasses. OK BOBB'E. DIGGIN' THAT LOOK.

Check out this adorable smile. That hat. Those eyes.

And look at that chest tat, "Blessed Beyond Belief." Yes Bobb'e, you are blessed. And because of you, so are we.

Thanks for making our day, Bobb'e. God bless your beautiful soul.

You can check out Bobb'e's Instagram and Twitter here!

Thumbnail Courtesy of Albert E. Rodriguez/Getty Images