Let's Talk About How Captain Li Shang Is The Hottest Disney Prince

    He'll make a man out of you.

    According to science and shit, aluminum can be heated to 3.6 million degrees Fahrenheit making it the hottest thing on earth.

    Here's the thing...science is totally wrong. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the hottest thing on earth.

    ARE YOU OK? Feel free to take a second to fan yourself, get a glass of water, or regain consciousness.

    Feel better? Good. Now, let's get down to business to stare at Captain Li Shang's plump, glorious muscles.

    You probably remember drooling everywhere or falling off your chair the first time you watched him sing "I'll Make A Man Out of You."

    There were just so many sensual, jaw-dropping moments. Like this one. Just look at this.

    Really, take it all in. EVERY SWEET SECOND OF IT.

    Do you remember when he stared at you with those dark, gorgeous eyes and nothing in your life ever felt so right?

    Or when he ran up that mountain and his little dainty badonkadonk bounced up and down ever so perfectly?

    I’m sure you still can vividly picture the moment he grabbed that fish with his bare hands.

    Or when he smashed that pot.

    There was that time his body illuminated in the moonlight and you were just like, "Please, have my babies."

    And that moment when he said, "Heed my every order" and you were like, "OK, yes, let's do this."

    Yeah, and what about that time he was just lying there, smiling, thinking about stuff.

    Or when he delicately removed the shirt from his back and you were thinking about stuff, too.

    Maybe you've thought about if he were to lift you in the air, what would that be like?

    You could say it's crossed your mind, once or twice.

    But how could it not? Just look at that chiseled jaw, those perfect teeth, the fierceness in his eyes.

    That divine, flawless physique.

    Those pecs.

    Captain Li Shang, thank you for existing and reminding us what absolute perfection really, truly is.

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