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Alfalfa From "The Little Rascals" Is Now Lumbersexual AF

You can chop my wood any day, Bug.

Let's be real, we all adored Alfalfa from The Little Rascals.

His charming smile and wiggly ears made him the cutest bundle of joy.

But the actor, Bug Hall, has grown up to be one hell of a lumbersexual.

Woahohhh... smokestack lightning! Feeling a little Wolfy today.

Don't you just want to run your fingers through that sexy beard? It’s furry enough to shelter you from the chilling winds of the woods.

I'm thinking about using this as my new headshot...

Picture him carving your names into the tallest tree of an ~enchanted~ forest.

Friday night turn-up with all my friends...

Envision him protecting you from the beasts of the wilderness.

Pulling an all-nighter on the keyboards.

Look at the way he prepares to go gather wood to warm you up by the fireplace.

Just...those glasses. That flannel. He's obviously prepared to father your future children.

And those eyes, holy shit. With one look he has us yelling timber.

Beardiest beard to ever beard in the whole beard world. #Beard #HashtagBeard

Bug, you make us want to pack our bags and move to the deep woods to start a beautiful lumberjack family.

Do yall like the PERMANENT pink stripe in my hair? #MakeupMishap

Thank you for blessing us with your beauty. We're ready to print out your picture, step outside, and inhale the wonders of the outdoors with you.