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    23 Things From Target That Are One-And-Done Solutions To Hitting The Refresh Button On Your Home

    Click, click, click... and ~ done ~.

    1. A set of two framed art prints for the hallway so you can turn those blank walls into the gallery of your dreams (and perhaps even get a little inspo each time you walk by).

    the two prints

    2. A stylish embroidered throw pillow that can do wonders to change the feel of a space — it's one of the cheapest and quickest updates you can make to your home.

    the pillow on a chair

    3. A four-piece hardware set for your bathroom that will leave you pondering the origins of the word "hardware," because installation was just so easy.

    4. An updated shower curtain because while you may be getting clean, those things get DIRTY. Plus, don't we think it's time that your beach-theme bathroom got a style glow-up?

    The striped shower curtain hung up

    5. A clear organizing bin for your fridge or your pantry, so you can have the home you always imagined: extremely tidy and with a rainbow of snacks organized by color.

    The clear organizing bin

    6. A cute kitchen island cart with farmhouse-chic vibes that will give you the thing people want the most in their kitchens: more storage space so you can justify your latest cooking and baking purchases (yes, you did need that tiny spatula).

    The kitchen island cart in gray

    7. A peel-and-stick tile set for your kitchen or bathroom that may sound as "revolutionary" as florals for spring, but when you see the results, you'll see why it's an MVP of DIY home improvement.

    8. A velvet light-filtering curtain panel with a macrame trim that will bring instant sunshine and brightness to the room in more ways than one.

    A set of the curtain panels in the gold color

    9. A Waterpik dual-mode shower head that will actually make you excited to get out of bed each morning. You're going to need to budget an extra 10–15 minutes for this spa-like experience.

    the shower heads

    10. A wood-burning fire pit that will make your house the place for social gatherings — just BYO graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows.

    the fire pit burning wood

    11. A wild hibiscus sangria-scented candle to mask any unpleasant smells and serve as a sensory reminder that summer — and all the joys that come with it — is truly wonderful.

    a close up of the candle burning

    12. A traditional five-shelf bookshelf that will take that overflowing TBR pile and turn it into a display of curated novels and interesting knickknacks from your travels (whether that's abroad or just to your favorite thrift store).

    The book shelf in black styled with books and objects

    13. A rolling triple laundry sorter with a hang bar for drying to help you shorten the wash-to-fold time from about a week to maybe just a day or two (it's everyone's least favorite chore, amirite?).

    The laundry rack in a laundry room with clothes on it

    14. An under-the-bed storage bag that will basically function as another closet for you. All those fall and winter sweaters need to go somewhere (that isn't your accent chair).

    The storage bag filled with clothing next to a bed

    15. A classic white switch plate, because those dingy old tan ones just don't match your personal brand or design aesthetic anymore... Honestly, they never did.

    The switch plate

    16. A dramatic Studio McGee pendant light fixture to create a big impact in your kitchen and kickstart your path to Instagram fame as a home designer.

    The black matte pendant light hangs above a table and chairs

    17. A HEPA air filter, because improving the air quality of your home is a makeover you can't see, but will absolutely feel (your allergies will thank you!).

    18. A machine washable, four-piece slipcover set to totally transform that comfy, stained couch that you just can't bear to part with (you two have just been through so much together, you know?) into a fresh, new (looking) sofa.

    The couch in a gray slipcover

    19. An Amazon Smart Plug that will make even the oldest of homes feel modern. With this instant upgrade, you can conveniently control your home appliances from your phone and any Alexa-enabled devices.

    The smart plug in a switchplate

    20. A surprisingly realistic faux plant to add some greenery to your space — just make sure to tell your roommates so they don't start watering it.

    A closeup of the faux plant

    21. A 16-piece set of sophisticated stoneware dishes that will turn the everyday task of setting the table into *creating a tablescape.* Hello, Martha!

    the dinner set

    22. A hallway runner to add some visual interest to an undervalued space. Also, your feet will thank you when you make the journey from your room to the bathroom at 2 a.m.

    the runner on the floor

    23. A roll of peel-and-stick wallpaper to glam up your space. Give yourself the accent wall you've wanted for years, or lean into the fact that you have a quirky powder room and just go for it.

    the wallpaper in a room

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