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20 Target Kitchen Products For Those Who *Want* To Love Cooking But Currently Don’t

Because having a kitchen that looks the part makes all the difference.

1. A 12-pack of glass spice jars, because while variety might be the ~spice of life,~ these uniform spice jars are the key to a super cute and organized kitchen.

The spice jars on a counter

2. A wood cookbook holder so you don't lose your place...especially in those moments when you're covered in flour, trying to stir, and things are starting to bubble.

3. A stainless-steel, hands-free step trash can that not only gets the job done but is actually surprisingly chic for something that, ya know, holds garbage.

The trash can in a kitchen in the gold color

4. A 10-piece Cuisinart stainless-steel cookware set to upgrade your hodge-podge collection of pots and pans and set you on your path to becoming a Top Chef (or just a really great home cook!).

the cookware set on a kitchen island

5. A 4.5-quart KitchenAid Mixer, the cute and colorful classic that will have you feeling like you're on the Great British Baking Show.

An ice blue KitchenAid mixer sits on a counter

6. An extremely stylish kitchen mat that will brighten up your space, protect your floor from water sloshes, and — if you can believe it — make doing dishes after cooking much more enjoyable by giving your feet something soft to stand on.

7. A 10-piece set of glass food storage containers because those old tomato-stained plastic ones just aren't the look you're going for anymore. You're saving some quality cooking!

The set with leftovers in it

8. A 6-quart Instant Pot, which is basically like having a sous chef on staff because this 7-in-1 appliance does it all...except put itself in the dishwasher for cleanup (but the lid and inner pot are dishwasher-safe!).

the instant pot on a counter

9. A 10-piece wood and silicone kitchen tool set that will, among other things, introduce you to the MVP of all kitchen tools: the spoonula. You will use it for EVERYTHING.

A flat lay of the set

10. An expandable bamboo spice rack because showing off your herbs and spices — and one must assume your impressive kitchen skills — is a pretty great flex.

expandable bamboo spice rack on kitchen counter

11. A 15-piece knife block set that is a cut above the rest and make mise en place a breeze.

The knife set on a countertop

12. A smart and practical marble spoon rest because a big part of your kitchen refresh is keeping those countertops clean...right?

The spoon rest with a wooden spoon on it

13. A space-saving turntable, so you aren't spinning around in circles when you're looking for your most-used ingredients.

The clear plastic turntable with condiments in it

14. An oven thermometer to help you get a sense of your oven's actual temperature while you cook and bake (but also no longer have the excuse that it was your oven's fault everything burned).

A closeup of the thermometer in an oven

15. A drawer utensil organizer because the battle with the potato masher that's been jamming the drawer is getting a liiiiiiiittle old.

16. A small-but-mighty Ninja food processor that will quite literally chop your food prep time in half — and can then go right into the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

The food processor making salsa

17. A hard-working, multi-tasking Scrub Mommy sponge to tackle even the toughest dishes — and leave you both smiling at the end.

The Scrub Mommy sponge on a countertop

18. A five-pack of classic striped kitchen towels that you'll want to always have on hand and in hand so your messes don't get, uhhh, out of hand.

19. A bakeware rack so your pots and pans don't sound like the percussion section of a middle school band each time you reach for a muffin tin. No disrespect to you and your classmates — you all were great.

The bakeware rack with pans in it.

20. A stainless-steel compost bin that you can keep on your countertop or attach to your regular trash can for all your vegetable trim because it feels good to cook AND do something kind for Mother Earth at the same time.

The compost container sits on a countertop

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